OLAN Sp. z o.o. is one of the fastest growing companies in the region of the scaffolding and formwork in the small and medium-sized enterprises.

It was founded in late 2006 by the merger of the Lithuanian capital, Polish and Norwegian with years of experience in the production of steel and aluminum and its applications for building. The economic activity OLAN company started in January 2007. We specialize in manufacture of aluminium and steel constructions structures in order to meet the huge market demand dynamically developing Polish and European economy. OLAN offers a wide range of high quality products and specialized services and technical thought necessary in achieving the most ingenious solutions to the wider construction industry.

Openness to customer needs and high quality of our products and services is a trademark and one of the main priorities in the activities of our company. With knowledge of the market and the needs of the modern building, we prepared a rich offer tailored to the individual needs of clients from the construction industry and perfectly used to solve any problems on construction sites. In addition to this OLAN offers a wide range of services, starting from consultancy through individual design, to manufacture special designs and help in their implementation ending.

People are the foundation of the company and its indisputable capital. The company employs excellent engineers and skilled welders and machinists with many years of experience gained with the most reputable manufacturing companies, located in the region. A significant advantage is also rich, more than twenty years of experience the company’s management in the scaffolding and formwork and the lightweight welded aluminum. It all makes OLAN serves its customers with comprehensive knowledge and professional approach in implementing solutions in the field of facade scaffolding, spatial, passers, special constructions made of scaffolding and aluminum weldments.Of course in UE standards.

OLAN’s staff makes sure that products delivered to our clients are highly innovative and at the same time meet the requirements of the latest standards. OLAN applies a manufacturing quality control system compliant with PN-EN 1090 and is authorized to label its products with the CE sign.

Aluminum is a material that is becoming widely used in construction. Its advantages include excellent strength combined with low weight, which makes the construction of aluminum is light, stable and safe. It is important to many times greater than the corrosion resistance of steel. These advantages make aluminum that is increasingly being chosen as the basic material for the production of scaffolding and similar structures. OLAN also prefers aluminum, as evidenced by the excellent solutions used in the products of our company.

Modern solutions and execution based on the latest technology and information technology industry is a specialty of our company. Each time, the most unusual and complex order is our challenge and inspiration. In 2007, we implemented the execution of a number of elements of scaffolding adapted to conditions in Norway. The system was developed solely on the basis of aluminum components and has high performance characteristics. It is used mainly on drilling platforms in the North Sea.

We are solid partner who puts first high quality, integrity andtimetable. We have all the capability needed and are very ambitious. We are committed to supplying only the highest quality scaffolding materials and have a passion to provide excellent service solely for the benefit of our customers. We concentrate our abilities on our primary goal – our customer’s satisfaction.